The Doughnut behind the Deadlift

Hi! 🙂
My name is Samantha, but since we’re friends and I’m not in trouble, let’s go with Sam.

Let’s be honest here…
…that’s more like it.

Welcome to Between Deadlifts and Doughnuts!

◊ What’s with the name?:
 I have gone from young and athletic, to still young and not athletic, to drinking age with 2am tacos, to newbie fitness, to gym for 4 hours (yet still not fit!), to FINALLY finding my happy point.  That happy point?  Somewhere between all the deadlifts and all the doughnuts.

◊ What am I here for?: To help you find your happy place!  Navigating this cruel confusing world of fitness trends, diets, nutrition, body images, bad habits and unrealistic “fitspo” can be IS overwhelming.  I’m here to sort that out for you.  Let me be your J.A.R.V.I.S. (if you don’t know Iron Man, you are breaking my soul).  I’ll be your go to person for any and all health, fitness, and lifestyle overhaul information you may need.  Anything from serving sizes, to reps, sets, translations from workouteneese (my totally stolen word for workout jargon) to how to change a bad habit, I’m your girl.  I also want you to use me as your shield of armour in the gym.  I want you to think when you put on your workout clothes and walk into that gym, that I’m right there with you, coaching you every step of the way (like J.A.R.V.I.S. does for Iron Man!).  No fear, no judgment, and no limitations!  You are now as powerful as Iron Man and I’m going to prove it to you!

◊ Allow me to introduce you to:
That fuzzy-faced handsome devil on the left, my husband.  He will make the occasional appearance here, mostly either as my very terrible and reluctant (putting it nicely) camera man, in a funny/witty quote (because he is a brilliant smart ass), or in the most an adorable picture I took of him snuggling with our fur baby.

Honeymoon – Boulder, CO (aka best place ever, aka future home)

Stella: (known aliases: Stella Bear, The Bear, Rapesmagoo): The most adorable little cookie-nosed bundle of love, licks and cuddles (but mostly licks) you’ve ever seen.  Her role here will be to make you smile with her cuteness, stare longingly at my food until it wills its way to her mouth (spoiler: it doesn’t), and interrupt my attempt at home workouts with enormous amounts of undeniable cute.  Oh, and the occasional snuggle picture with the above mentioned fuzzy face.

Cookie-nosed bundle of love and kisses.

Chelsea: My best friend soulmate since high school, partner in (former) crime, and fellow health nut.  She is the only one who doesn’t think I’m crazy (or at least she’s damn good at hiding it).  I’ll give her credit either way.  You may see this recent law school grad write the occasional guest post from the point of view of a celiac on a journey for toned legs while still enjoying ice cream.  She is funny, brilliant, can defend me in court, has a rock hard bod, and can do a HIIT like nobody’s business.  Plus she meshes perfectly with my level of weird.

Don’t hate me.

◊ A short and sweet list of fun facts:

  • Minions and Iron Man are the greatest.  Fact.
  • I’m a sucker for quotes.
  • Chipotle gains are real.
  • So is lunch dessert…
  • …and my refusal to wear real pants.  LEGGINGS FOR LIFE!!!
  • My diet consists mostly of plants and carbs…and carbs and carbs then dreams of carbs.
  • I am at war with scales.
  • I am makeup free and embrace my dark circles 99.4% of the time.
  • If it requires pants and isn’t my job, there is a 99.7% chance it isn’t happening.
  • I pretend to be a professional am a Legal Document Assistant 9-5 Monday-Friday.
  • I like people who send smiley faces in emails.
  • I have the memory of a goldfish.  At this point, its just part of my charm.
  • I rock so hard at dance party that my husband sold our Xbox so he wouldn’t have to play anymore.  Fact.
  • Footie pajamas are a close second to leggings.
  • I don’t possess an inside voice.
  • I believe in bright clothes, glitter, and putting up Christmas decorations as early as possible.
  • I believe in being kind, encouraging and loving to everyone.
  • Judgement is for no one.
  • I love lifting heavy shit and pretending I’m good at yoga.
  • I never say no to a doughnut.  Never ever ever.

Congratulations, you made it!  I am SO happy to have you here as a new friend and fellow fitness doughnut.
First, let’s take our friendship to the next level, OK?  Find me on Instagram and Facebook.
Now, lets get to work.

P.S. – Never hesitate to get in contact with me.  Seriously.  I love each and every one of you beautiful people and I am beyond thrilled to be able to help in any way I possibly can. ❤

◊ True credit for the “workouteneese” word goes to my personal trainer idol and online business mastermind, Johnathan Goodman of Viralnomics and The PTDC.  If you are a personal trainer and haven’t heard of him, you are living under a rock.  Sit down, shut up, take notes, and get ready to have your mind blown.


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