The Deadlift Side

Now that I’ve covered some of my life philosophies and core values lets talk fitness.  After all, that is what you are here for, right?

I try to start with a workout of some sort.  For 5-6 days of the week that is at the gym lifting weights.  The 6th and 7th days (depending) are typically yoga or pilates at home.  On the off chance I didn’t start my day off this way there is a better than not chance that I won’t be doing anything, and I take a rest day.

But above all, I listen to my body.  Over the last year I have become more in tune with my body than I have ever been.  My knowledge of muscles and bodily functions has helped me take my training to a deeper level.  I can now tell if I am tight in certain areas (never even crossed my mind before) and I can tell if my body is telling me to “eff-off” and needs a rest day.

I take what my body says seriously.

That being said, I write out my calendar like this:



Sunday: 8am – Back/Obliques
Monday: 5am – Quads/Calves
Tuesday: 5am – Arms/Abs
Wednesday: 5am – Chest/Shoulders
Thursday: 5am – Glutes/Hamstrings
Friday: 5am – Arms/Abs*
Saturday: 8am – Yoga

*I am training arm day twice now because they are my difficult area.  I recently made this edit, so we will see how it goes.

I set my calendar up knowing I may need to rearrange it, but this would be an ideal week.

For instance, this week I had to change it up a bit because I took an off day on Saturday then did yoga on Sunday.
The world didn’t end.

So that made today Quads/Calves day which broke down like this:

In my notes I write out the day in the top line then space down, that way when I scroll through my previous notes/training files I can quickly find what I need (see below).

Then I will put what cardio I did.  I always start off with 10 minutes of cardio unless I am short on time.  I prioritize my weight lifting above my cardio and we can chat more about that later.  So today I only ran for 5 minutes due to time constraints.  Something is better than nothing and it is a good way to get my body warm.

Then I will enter again and write out the exercises.  I laid out my plans a long time ago and I will edit as I see fit (as a trainer I like to experiment with myself so my training may change slightly from session to session, but it generally stays consistent).  Each time I go to the gym I just go to my previous note of that “day” and copy the entire thing into a new note.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Magic.

Then I edit as needed.  Upped weights, missed reps, notes on form, or angry faces when form blows are all recorded.  Anything I would write on a client’s form I write for myself on my notes and I am critical.

Today my left hip would NOT be strong through step ups.  I focused but the form and muscle activation still wasn’t right so a note went in for next time..along with a few angry faces.

Anything with an “x” in front of the name means I didn’t do it this time.  I keep those things on my list because I like the exercise, I just didn’t have time for it this session.
Again, this is made for an ideal day filled with all the time in the world.

If I have mastered a move at the listed weight I won’t write notes next to it so next time I will know I can move up.  Otherwise, I put “(stay)”.

A note: Some people prefer the old fashioned pen and notebook way of keeping track of their progress and to each their own.  Since I know better than to think I will keep that in the same place for more than a week I use the notepad on my phone (iPhone).  I also use my phone for music (either Pandora or Amazon Music depending on how much data I have) so this works out well for me.
The key is to find something you can be consistent with.
I’m able to quickly scroll through old files.
I recently redid my training schedule, so forgive the fact that it doesn’t exactly reflect the way my calendar is set up above.

And that’s it!  Easy peasy!

The hard part is actually making yourself go to the gym.

I will be posting more of my workouts on here in a much shorter format to keep you updated, but this should give you an idea of the method behind my madness.

Do you have a better way of keeping track of your workouts?

A final note:
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Love & Deadlifts






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