But first, a doughnut.

Well hello there beautiful! 🙂

First of all, I’m truly thrilled you are here.  This blog has been a work in progress for longer than I care to admit, so finally having your lovely face here makes my heart smile!

I have about a billion things I want to write, but for now I just want to start off with a brief introduction so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.
(Hint: its trouble.  <–Kidding!)

Most of you are probably already following me on Instagram or Facebook, and for that, I infinitely ❤ you.  I couldn’t be doing any of this without the love and support you have all shown me, and you lovely people are the reason I want to put this company & blog together.

Let’s start with this:

My mission:
Through fitness, health, and lifestyle coaching I will:

♦ Empower women to be confident and comfortable in the gym.
♦ Demonstrate and teach a life of balance, health, positivity and self-love.
♦ Take the mystery out of overall health, nutrition, and fitness to find a
simple, personalized, enjoyable, and sustainable healthy lifestyle for each person.
♦ Mold my clients into strong, confident, happy, self-loving fitness enthusiasts who live (and love) a well-rounded life.
♦ Shine a new (fun!) light on my client’s health and fitness experience.

(one filled with plenty of deadlifts and the occasional doughnut)doughnut

◊ But why should you trust me to help you find your happy place?

Great question, and thank you for taking a good look at my credentials before blindly following what I say.  I mean, I would never lie to you (pinky promise!), but the internet is a scary place filled with “health coaches”, “team leaders” and the buff guy down the street with killer genetics giving out health and fitness advice.  The moral of this rant is to prove how many “experts” there are out there, and by “experts” I mean people who have ever googled “how to get abs”.  You my friend, are smarter than that.

My technical credentials include being an ACE Certified Health Coach and ACE Personal Trainer.  ACE stands for American Council on Exercise and is an NCCA accredited institution (it matters).  If you are really interested, you can follow this link to find more information about ACE.  I also have a Bachelors of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice from Arizona State University, but you can probably see how that won’t really come in to play here.  Honestly, if I could sell it I would.  I will also (fingers crossed) be starting my next certification journey with Ecornell studying their Plant Based Nutrition Certification.  I’ll keep you updated on that one.

My not so technical credentials include trial and error (a crap ton of it), personal experience, genetics that don’t give me insta-abs, and empathy. Thumbs Up

Short background story: For about six months I was jobless due to what was supposed to be a brief relocation that turned out to be not so brief.  I found out three things about myself during that time.  1. I’m not capable of relaxing, 2. I love lifting weights, and 3. I don’t like Texas (sorry not sorry).

Extreme boredom + no money + all the time in the world = very few entertaining options, so I found my two free ones.  The library and the gym.  I spent my days battling against my deep rooted hate of the library (in the name of research), then spent the rest of my day in the gym.  I had my husband teach me everything he knew and I’ve been an addict ever since.  He says he created a monster.  It’s true.

It took me a few years to decide to pursue my new passion as a career, but once I did I never looked back.  I have been training friends and family since before I became officially certified, and loved every second of it.  Training the people closest to me has allowed me to perfect my training style and gain real, unfiltered feedback from people who aren’t afraid to tell me “this workout plan sucks and I won’t stick to it” or “that move isn’t going to work for me”.  We have successfully powered through all kinds of obstacles from no gym membership to injury limitations and anything in between.  I’ve done everything from simply coaching, to working out with clients, to writing up workout plans and keeping them accountable from half way across the country.  You tell me what you need, and we’ll do it.

I warned you I was a quote person.

I still continue to train friends and family, but to get more experience I accepted a position with 24 Hour Fitness here in Nebraska and have been a part time Personal Trainer & Health Coach for them since the beginning(ish) of 2015.  I can’t express how much I have learned from this position and how grateful I am to have the opportunity to help more people, but this is where the problem came in.

I am constantly meeting with people who have no idea where to start (or haven’t be able to succeed in the past), are overwhelmed, and ready to get the ball rolling on their health and fitness journey, only to leave our meetings with sticker shock coupled with disappointment and crushed dreams. They come in with enthusiasm and the best of intentions, then get shot down simply because they can’t afford my hourly rate.  These meetings break my heart.  Let me be clear: The rate we charge is worth it.  It is actually worth much more.  What you will get from training will be worth every pretty penny spent, but not everyone has enough extra pretty pennies in the bank to afford training, and that’s more than ok.  I never started this career for the money, I started it to help people.  And that my dear, is how Between Deadlifts and Doughnuts was born.

I want to show you how easy it can be to be healthy and filled with life.  I want to show you how good your body is meant to feel and that exercise is a privilege not a punishment.  I want to help change your mindset so you can avoid binging on those office doughnuts (but still enjoying a reasonable amount because, well, doughnuts).  I want you to bitch slap your scale then put that trouble maker in the closet where she belongs, or even better, the trash!  I never want the scale to dictate how you feel about yourself.  I want you to be happy.  Truly, truly happy.  I want you to love yourself (you are amazing!) and the healthy journey ahead.  I want to help you make this a lifestyle change, and not just another fad diet or fitness trend.  No fancy containers, no pills, no meal replacement shakes, no wraps and no “follow-this-workout-plan-or-else” guides here.  And being able to afford it would help, right? 😉

I want to be your natural, loving, easy-peasy guide to finding your happy place somewhere “between deadlifts and doughnuts”! 🙂

So stick around my friend, there is plenty more to come, and my next few posts will elaborate on what I can do to help you.  I am SO looking forward to being your guide on this amazing journey, and I thank you in advance for trusting me enough to put your health and well being in my hands.  I promise I will cherish it and keep it protected like J.A.R.V.I.S. does to Iron Man.

P.S. – Don’t forget to sign up for your doughnut fix!
^ Up &… ^

–>–>–>To the right, to the right, to the right, the right, the right–>–>–>


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